A Report and Full Results from 7th Charity Kendo Championships supporting Maggie's Centres and Macmillan Cancer Support:


Group A
1st Place - Bronte Hamberger (Kodokan)
2nd Place - Joseph Hotsuki-Grant (Wakaba)
3rd Place - Noah Small (Mumeishi)
Fighting Spirit - Francis Li (Wakaba)


Group B 
1st Place - Harrison Fry (Portsmouth)
2nd Place - Ryuichi Taguchi (Wakaba)
3rd Place - Oliver Wright (Wakaba)
3rd Place - Sean Wright (Tsubaki)
Fighting Spirit - Charlie Wright (Tsubaki)


Group C
1st Place - Konradas Rukas (Wakaba)
2nd Place - James Wright (Wakaba)
3rd Place - Hugo Rauch (Kodokan)
3rd Place - Anthony Lopez-Ono (Wakaba)
Fighting Spirit - Ewan Hindes (Wakaba)


Group D
1st Place - Kenneth Fry (Portsmouth)
2nd Place - Satoshi Kaneyasu (Wakaba)
3rd Place - Jack Coaley (Oxford)
3rd Place - Daniel Bateman (Kodokan)
Fighting Spirit - Victor Raineri (Kodokan)


Junior Team 
1st Place 'Sakura Cup' - T2: Ryuichi Taguchi, Ewan Hindes & Konradas Rukas
2nd Place - T3: Flora Li, James Wright & Satoshi Kaneyasu
3rd Place - T6: Oliver Wright, Harrison Fry & Kenneth Fry
3rd Place - T5: Sanju Reddy, Anthony Lopez-Ono & Daniel Bateman (in replacement of Jack Coaley)
Fighting Spirit - T1: Venessa Lopez-Ono, Victor Raineri & Daniel Bateman


Family Team
1st Place 'Hiroshi Ozawa Fighting Spirit Shield' - F6: (Wakaba 4) Ryuichi Taguchi, Kurumi Wright & Hiromichi Matsuoka
2nd Place - F1: (Wakaba 1) Satoshi Kaneyasu, Marion Thibaudeau & Anthony Griffith
3rd Place - F7: (Kodokan 1) Daniel Bateman, Hitomi Okoda & Yutaka Matsubayashi 
3rd Place - F3: (Wakaba 2) Kondaras Rukas, Trieu Ngnoc & Gerardas Rukas
Fighting Spirit - F9: (Portsmouth) Kenneth Fry, Chieko Fry & David Parkes


Kachinuki Macmillan vs Maggies 
Winner team: Macmillan 
Best Performance 'Kashinoki Plate' - Charlie Wright


Parents competition
1st Place - Mrs Fry
2nd Place - Mrs Kaneyasu
3rd Place - Mrs Grant
3rd Place - Mrs Airoldi
Fantastic Award - Mr Hinds


Best Performance Team 'Tenpudo Shoshin Award' - F6: Ryuichi Taguchi, Kurumi Wright & Hiromichi Matsuoka


Special thanks to the guests including Okimitsu Fujii sensei, late Terry Holt sensei's wife Mrs Gill Holt, their son David Holt and daughter Wendy, and grandchildren Rebecca and Owen for supporting the event. 
Holt sensei has been supporting this event from the 1st year so we had to run the event without him for the first time. With his tireless support and encouragements over the past years we feel that the event has just reached to the point where it can run without problems. This year's prize mug was designed after our thought on this and so has Holt sensei's figure, so that we can all remember our time with him at this event. THANK YOU SO MUCH HOLT SENSEI...
The family's appearance at the event made us feel that the support from the family was still there.


We would like to thank all the parents and family in supporting this event despite of the date clashing with the Easter weekend.


Sponsors include Service Point UK Ltd (supply of printed mugs), Nine Circles Ltd (supply of kendo equipment) and Watford Leisure Centre Central (discount on hall hire). 

Special thanks to Hannah Jones for illustration of the mug and poster 

Very special thanks to Dave Young the web master and to Paul sensei for his kind support throughout as always. 

If you missed out making a donation and if you so wish you can still do via paypal: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., cheque made to 'Kendo Charity Group' or bank transfer (please ask for details) to 'Kendo Charity Group'. Alternatively you can make direct donations to Maggie's Centreswww.maggiescentres.org or/and Macmillan Cancer Supportwww.macmillan.org.uk


Happy Easter to all!




We would like to thank Tery Holt sensei who had supported this event over the years as Shinpan-Cho but sadly had passed away in January 2015, at the age of 75.

He now left with us some great memories and they shall remain with us.

Our deepest sympathy and condolences to his wife and family. 

He will be sadly missed by us all.